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I wanted to sell my old family home but didn’t want to go the effort of removing everything out of the house and having loads of people viewing and judging the condition of the property, Geoff agreed a price with me, I took what I wanted from the house and gave him the keys, he dealt with everything and even better the money was in my bank account on the day the sale completed.

Mr. Evans

Geoff viewed our home, offered me a price that I thought was fair, we agreed a date to complete, and we did complete on that day, the simplest house sale ever.

Mr. Telesford

We wanted to sell the house and move to a rented property so we could enjoy our retirement, go on holidays and get to spend the money we had in the house, Geoff was great and helped us every step of the house sale as we’ve only ever bought one house and that was 30 years ago.

Mr. Jennings

I found a house abroad I wanted to buy but I needed to sell my house first, Geoff agreed to buy my house and said we’d complete when I was ready, I was nervous as I had to transfer money for my new home and there were delays with it being built but he assured me he would still buy my house at the price we agreed, to put my mind at rest we exchanged contracts with a delayed completion, all I had to do was tell the solicitors when I was ready to complete.

This is what you call a tailor-made service, thank you, Geoff.

Mrs. Palmer

I bought this house to do up and sell to make some extra money, turns out there was a lot more involved than I thought, halfway through the refurb I ran out of money. Geoff came round and I showed him what I had done and the extra work that needed doing, he wasn’t phased at all even though the house looked like a wreck and had no kitchen or toilet.

He made me an offer which was a lot less than I’d have got if I could have completed all the works but there was no way I could do the work and I didn’t think anyone would buy it in the condition it was in. 2 weeks later the sale completed.

Mr. Hughes

I’d been in contact with another company about selling my house and I thought they were going to buy it, turns out it wasn’t them that was going to buy it, they had to speak to their group of investors to decide who was going to buy it.

After 3 months and being no further forward I decided enough was enough so started looking online again, found Geoff’s company and I like the fact he was based in Northampton.

When I asked how did I know he would actually buy it, he showed me a copy of his bank statement so I could see he had the money, told me he only used local solicitors and told me to set a date that I wanted the house sale to complete, I did and we completed on that day.

Mrs. Coward